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Replacing A Bulb In The Rear Light Cluster On An Abarth 500 (up to 2015)

To replace a bulb in the rear light cluster the whole light unit needs to be removed.
This 'How to' is based on the left tail light.

Workshop time: 5 mins


Open the boot.


Undo the x2 10mm bolts down the right side of the light unit.


The left side is held by x2 push fit fixings so give it a good tug to remove.


The base plate is held on by plastic tabs that need unclipping.


The bulbs are a bayonet fitting (push and twist).

• Coloured repeater bulb 14148090
• Tail light bulb 14149590
• Fog light bulb 14148190
• Reverse light bulb 14148190

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