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Spark Plug Removal For An Abarth 500

The spark plugs are tucked well away underneath the engine cover/air filter housing.
Spark plugs 55249868

Pop the lid and undo the three 7mm bolts on the air filter cover.

Lift the front edge up and unhinge the back.

Undo the 10mm airbox bolts.

Release the inlet hose and and the small crimp cliped hose going to the air box.

Unclip the hose from underneath the intake hose.

Remove air box

Slide back the coil pack locking clips then push down on the face to release the connectors.

Release one end of the breather pipe and position the pipe out of the way.

Undo the 13mm coil pack rail bolts.

Now you can access the 10mm coil pack bolts.

Unscrew the spark plug with a deep 16mm socket,

and extract the spark plug.

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