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Oil & Oil Filter Change On An Abarth 500

Parts used are oil filter 73500049, sump plug washer 10261060 and engine oil 13133701

If you would like to book yourself in, the price of this service in our workshop is £107.30

Jack the car up on a ramp or carefully on axle stands.

Undo the 10mm undertray bolts,

and remove the undertray.

Undo the 17mm sump plug...

...and drain the oil into a suitable container. Replace the sump plug with a new washer and refit the undertray.

Remove the inlet manifold hose to access the oil filter.

Undo the oil filter housing,

and remove the housing.

Separate the oil filter from the housing, renew and put everything back together.

Remove the oil filler cap and pour in the recommended oil (Selenia ABARTH 10W/50) and volume.

Replace the cap, start the engine and run briefly to circulate the oil.

Now remove the dip stick, wipe and replace. Pull it back out and check the level, repeat this a couple more times to get a more accurate reading and top up if necessary.

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