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Replacing The Rear Brake Pads And Discs On An Abarth 500

To remove the rear brake disc the steering knuckle (hub carrier) needs to be removed from the sub frame so that you can access the bolts to the brake caliper carrier. This 'How to' shows work on the right side.

Brake pads 77367241, drilled brake discs 51885456
WORKSHOP TIME 1hr 15mins

If you would like to BOOK yourself in, the price of this service in our workshop for drilled discs is £220.20 or plain £178.20

Prise off the centre cap with a plastic trim removal tool.

Undo all four wheel bolts and remove the wheel.

Undo the x2 12mm locating studs.

Unclip the connector for the brake pad wear indicator and free the wire.

Unscrew the x2 13mm bolts from the 17mm slider bolts.

Gently prise the caliper off.

Remove the brake pads and spring clips.

Undo the x4 17mm nuts to the back of the steering knuckle (you will need to work the knuckle free gradually but don't pull it right out as the ABS sensor is still attached).

The ABS sensor is held in with a 5mm Allen bolt and is a tight fit.

You can now undo the x2 8mm Allen bolts to the brake caliper carrier.

Unscrew the cap to the brake fluid reservoir.

Wind in the piston on the brake caliper.

Give the hub face a quick clean up....

....and also the brake caliper carrier where the spring clips sit. Replace the brake disc, bolt the carrier back on and reassemble.

Apply some brake grease (or copper slip) to the backs of the spring clips and ends of the brake pads before you fit them. When everything is back together don't forget to pump the brake pedal until it becomes firm and then screw the brake reservoir cap on.

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