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Removing The Drive Shafts On An Abarth 500

Jack it up on stilts.

Undo the 10mm undertray bolts,

and remove the undertray.

Prise off the wheel cap on the right hand side, unbolt the wheel and remove.

Tap out the pinch on the hub nut...

...and undo the hub nut.

Unbolt the drive shaft bearing support bracket.

Unbolt the lower wishbone ball joint pinch bolt and prise out the ball joint.

Turn the steering wheel right and tap the end of the drive shaft mostly through the hub with a copper mallet (or use a hammer and drift wood).

Support the weight of the front strut (under the caliper), pull the end of the shaft through then the whole shaft completely out. Now do the same for the left side only there's no bearing support bracket to unbolt.

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