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Replacing The Cam Belt On An Abarth 500

Changing the cam belt on an Abarth 500 is quite straight forward, you will need the correct locking tools and be able to support the engine as the right hand engine mount has to be removed.
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If you would like to book yourself in the price of this repair in our workshop is £285.40

Undo the 10mm Engine cover bolt.

Unclip the air intake flexi pipe FROM the air filter box and the strap around the intake pipe TO the air box.

Unclip the breather hose then pull the engine cover off (there's x2 rubber bungs underneath the right hand side of the cover).

Unclip the rest of the air intake hose to the turbo and remove.

Unscrew the coolant cap to release the pressure in the system then undo the 10mm bolt to the coolant tank.

Unclip the top coolant hose and block up both the hose and the nipple on the tank.

Undo the 13mm and 10mm top side cover bolts.

The right hand wheel arch cover is held on by x3 Philips screws (x1 screw is located behind the brake flexi hose so it may be easier to remove the wheel).

Using a 13mm spanner on the auxiliary tensioner bolt, push the spanner clockwise to relieve tension on the belt so that you can remove the belt (be careful as there is a prominent stud protruding from the top of the wing inside the engine bay which the belt will catch on).

Check the auxiliary belt for cracks and renew if necessary.

Undo the x3 13mm bolts to the bottom pulley.

You can now undo the bottom 10mm bolt to the cam belt side cover.

Remove the undertray and it's fixings.

Support the engine with a trolley jack as you need to remove an engine mount.

The right hand engine mount has x3 15mm....

....and x3 17mm nuts.

Undo the x5 13mm bolts to the engine mount support bracket.

Unclip the wiring from the side cover and remove the cover.

Unclip the coolant hose and injector plug from the support rail then undo the 10mm bolt and x2 10mm nuts.

Undo the x2 10mm nuts to the injector cover.

Undo the 8mm Allen key bung at the back of the camshaft cover.

Rotate the crank shaft... that when the crank shaft tool is fitted it aligns.

Unplug number four injector and using your finger feel inside the bung hole for a recess in the cam shaft, if not then you will have to turn the crank shaft one full rotation. Using your finger again to find the recess you may have to wiggle the crank until the cam shaft is suitably in line. Insert the cam shaft locking tool and tighten up (flat side up as in the picture).

Undo the 13mm nut on the cam belt tensioner, replace the tensioner with the new one and just nip the nut tight.

Loosen the 18mm bolt to the cam shaft pulley.

Put on the new cam belt and using a set of long nose angled pliers turn the tensioner anti clockwise until the two notches are in line and tighten the nut with an open ended spanner (don't forget to tighten the cam shaft pulley bolt back up).

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